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BuckeyeBob For The U.S.ofA.

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Welcome to my  web site!

Hello, I am Robert E. Wilson, and I am running for the Presidency of the United States of America. Please, I urge you  to review "SOLVING OUR ISSUES"
 and compare it with the other career politicians that has not acheived much of anything in Washington, D.C. Furthermore, I need a volunteer campaign manager(s), and then we'll need volunteers in every State in the Union so that the most comprehensive answers to America's problems will be addressed.  I thank you and have a great day.
NOTE: These ideas are basically the same that I stated in 2007 when I made an attempt to run for the Presidency. You will see that 4 years ago I had the answers, then, that we need now and the other candidates are beginning to realize that I'm right.


BuckeyeBob For President 2012