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05-15-2011 On "Meet The Press" New Gingrich accused Mr. President Obama for being a Food Stamp President. Newt "Figgy" Gingrich ought to note that the increase in Food Stamp recipients was brought on by the economic meltdown which occured during a GOP presidency. Furthermore, the nerve of you referencing Food Stamps as if getting people off Food Stamps will turn everything around in America. How Dare You. You playing the Food Stamp card literally caters to the anti-government assistance demographic that is embedded within the Grand Old Party, PeRiOd.
05-20-2011 President Obama must hold his ground with Isreali President Netanyahu to restore the borders to the 1967 lines. Israel is understandedly concerned about their security and they should erect a border fence.
05-22-2011 Tea Party Candidate Herman Cain does what all other TeaParty and GOP Candidates will do is piggyback/tweak my ideas as their own. Herman Cain to abolish the federal income tax is abolishing the payroll tax. They are the same so stop trying to distance your cloning my idea as your own.  In 1999, I began emailing the Clinton Administration to abolish the federal income tax for a federal sells tax.
05-23-2011 Ron Paul thinks Israel should  fend for themselves. Ron Paul seems to have no intention whatsoever to support allies of the United States of America. Israel needs the United States and the United States needs a secure Israel in the Middle East; PeRiOd!
05-23-2011 Rand Paul: The 11:00+ minute video clip is informative and he makes some good points. Check it out yourselves: However, heres what I'd do in this age and time when America is likely targeted more now than prior to September 11, 2001. Its only been 22 days since Osama bin Laden was taken out and Al Qaeda, the Taliban and various Islamic extrimists have amp'd up their efforts to retaliate. Thus, the lone Amendment that I'd support would be to re-establish the requirement that law enforcement needs a warrant for searches.
05-23-2011 Speaker Boehner aka "Tan-Man" Once again found another excuse for job loss and that is gas prices. Hey? Aren't gas prices in retreat and well below $4.00 per gallon now?
05-26-2011 "Belief Blog" was a story titled, "My Take: Welcoming the GOP-Catholic exchange on the budget." "...Catholic leaders called on Rep Paul Ryan and Speaker John Boehner for neglecting Catholic social teachings in their 2012 budget." This clearly is an attempt by the Catholic Church to circumvent the Constitution of the United States of America. To acknowledge Papal teachings is to recognize this religion which no law makers should do; PeRiOd.
05-26-2011 In today Speaker Boehner or his staff often tweeted about creating jobs in the private-sector and reducing the deficit and tax reform... My plan "Too Revitalize America" does all of the above and without all of the bureaucracy that your "Path to Prosperity" will create and that is one of the issues with my fellow Americans is all of the bureaucracy, red tape-paperwork in D.C. Hello! Is anybody home Mr. Speaker John "Tan-Man" Boehner?
05-26-2011 2:11pm  watching a clip from Washington Post on Rand Paul and Harry Reid debating the "Patriot Act". Heres what I'll do. Plain and simply I will establish electronic signatures to be used by law enforcements and judicial personnel to send and acquire signatures for entry and apprehension of criminals; PeRiOd. End Of Discussion!
05-27-2011 @SpeakerBoehner/ @GOPoversight again tweeted on gas prices. And I've had enough with it especially since prices are descending. "Tan-Man" aka Mr.Speaker Boehner, you and your pals need to quit it! You've been harping on gas prices the last two-three weeks as prices come down. You squawk about it now because of the developments in the Middle East with Egypt opening the Rafah/Gaza Strip border. You know this will cause tensions that may worsen between Isreal and Egypt. You, GOP, have analyzed that this potential distrubance will cause gas prices to spike again, but you offer no solution nor rebuke towards Egypt. Yes, you have side-stepped this issue too lay-in-wait for it to explode so too pounce on Mr. President Obama. This is no good for all Americans! Politics/an agenda to retake the Whitehouse has no place for substituting America's best interest, PeRiOd! Get a grip or get out of the way!
06-08-2011 As I said today in Twitter (iNotQuiet), The first step in many future steps I'd take to sureup Medicare is to get rid of the thrid patry pay entities. Never have 3rd Party anything been nor is good for any business, PeRiOd! GET RID OF'M! Also, once the IRS workforce is reduced via abolishing the Federal Income Tax as we know it for $0.01-$0.02 per item sold-Fed. Sells Tax; I'll hire those IRS agents/employees to aggressively pursue those MILKing Billions from Medicare!
07-07-2011 I didn't hear President Obama's press conference nor Speaker Boehner's press conference but the GOP are concisely wrongfully errored to insenuate that eliminating Bush Tax Cuts on wealthiest Americans will crush jobs when these same Bush Tax Cuts aint created any jobs since the recession; and currently does not create jobs during the recession; and will not create jobs to lead America out of this dreadfull recession; PeRiOd! Thus, they lie that eliminating Bush Tax Cuts on America's wealthiest will crush jobs!
09-30-2011 Mr. Speaker Boehner aka "TanMan" continued his rants about Regulations & Tax Hikes prohibiting job growth. Lets be honest with ourselves America? Tax Hikes = putting an end to President George Bush's Tax Cuts upon America's wealthiest citizens who's taxes, by the percentage rates, are among the lowest in Our Homeland. Furthmermore, these Regulations Speaker Boehner and his colleagues squabble over are a continuance from the Bush Administration's initiatives are attempts to thwart another Economic Meltdown!
Lets reflect on FDR and how he sought too and eventually won many regulatory battles with Congress as he tried to lift America out of an economic rut and did so prior to and post the "dastardly attack" on The United States of America. President Roosevelt dared to think outside the box duing an endering economic mayhem and many of his policies remain in place today. However, today's career political pundits are not insightful nor visionaires and also lacks ingenuitity to think outside the box of compacency and party loyalty even when they know they are horrifically erroneous! My policy intiatives will bring a rebirth of America's leadership and economic stability by literally leading the World in the way that it should go. I am so convinced that if Greece adapted my economic intitatives they will lift themselves out of debt and firmly on financial and economic stability.
EnOuGh Is EnOuGh with the GOP and their Jurassic Policies!

Early MAY/2012 It was reported that Mitt Romney equates his article on the auto industry in the NYTimes as influencing policy and that he deserves some of the credit. WOW! Now, I Believe That I Have Legitimately Influenced Administrative Policy, But Mitt Romney He Have Not!
10.01.2012 Willard Mitt Romney's 13+Million Dollars in taxes is pure politics with strategic donations/etc. He have not worked since he handed over his compnay to a "blind trust" which has been 10+ years or so.
10.01.2012 Under my Presidency, I will limit the "Capital Gains Taxes"/ShElTeR exclusively to the Stock Market: Stocks/Bonds/CD's/Mutual Funds/U.S. Treasury Notes, PERIOD!
10.15.2012 Also, to spur growth & encourage investment and in conjunction with more companies offering dividends & those currently with dividends, I will ask Congress to pass a Tax Break Bill to companies that offer dividends in ratio to the dividend's percentage. This should be done in conjunction with lowering the Corporate Tax.

BuckeyeBob For President 2012