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These are the key issues to solving America's problems that I had for years but began making them public in 2005 as I attempted to run for the U.S. Senate. As you read you will discover that these ideas are not mainstream with the normalcy in Washington, D.C. It is these complacent and routine and customary and traditional and stagnant ideas spanning Centuries that have gotten Our Beloved United States of America in this mess today.

ABORTION: I am pro-choice.
SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE: "I believe in the separation of church and state as scribed and definded by the founders of this great Nation, the United States of America. Why else would the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the authors of the Constitution of the United States of America forge a Nation from wilderness after fleeing religious opperssion, persecution and mandates in Europe at the hands of the Papacy, and enforced by the, then, Theocracy of England?"  
SAME SEX MARRIAGE"I believe that marriage is between an Authentic-Male & Female-Gender. However, with the biotechnological advances of today and more than ever before, men and women portray themselves as an opposite sex gender. Some people (freedom to choose) like such orientations and some don't, and the line must be drawn so too not offend anyone. Thus, there should be a Federal Law mandating that all transgender, transsexual and transvestite, etc. divulge they where born male  or female and have had or plans to have sex change operations; and prior to conversations leading too friendship/courtship/intimacy.
ECONOMY: As I stated in 2007, "No one person is to fault for the horrible state of the Nation's economy." I believed then and now that, during the sub prime boom, congressional leaders, and-or governors and state, etc. officials (on both sides of the isles) are to blame for the STOCK MARKET crash and the United States current economic rut. Here's why...
I can only imagine the amount of phone calls, letters and in person complaints, too ( Republicans: John Boehner, John McCain, Jim Demint, Mitch McConnell, J. Sessions, L. Graham, Mike Turner; etc. and on the other side of the isles Democrats: C. Schumer, Harry Reidm, Kay R. Hagan and then senator Barack Obama) all of whom knew the depth of the sub prime mess and the havoc financial institutions raked upon their constituients, but did nothing or not enough to help. 

If they had listened then, we would not be in this economic mess today. It wasn't My Fellow American's fault for pursuing their American Dream as home owners. COUNTLESS CITIZENS WHERE LURED BY LOAN SHARK'S TV/RADIO/INTERNET/PRINT ADS "BAD CREDIT? NO CREDIT? NO PROBLEM! YOU CAN GET YOUR PIECE OF THE AMERICAN DREAM AND OWN YOUR OWN HOME; OR TIRED OF PAYING RENT? OWN YOUR OWN HOME ALL CREDIT/NO CREDIT NO PROBLEM". But When My Fellow Americans signed on the dotted line, they were signing in confidence within their budget too make their mortgage. But the greedy and glutenous banks and financial institutions raised interest rates so high during a stable economy that hardly anyone could make payments. Then the banks & financial institutions acquired these properties "Free And Clear" as collateral. That's highway robbery! 
Working families were forced to move because big business increased interest rates only to pad their pockets/greediness; PeRiOd! 
Here's A Few Suggestions To Stabilize America's Economy For Sustained Growth: Main Street U.S.ofA. needs money in their pockets; so why not do what President Reagan did by forgive any and all student loans to date; PeRiOd. Banks and the other financial institutions that participated in the TARP process have or will soon repay the Federal Government and will continue raising fees as does those that did not require TARP support. These fee increases are ridiculous! How many banks and financial institutions are debt free, yet they seem to focus on who can acquire the most collateral?
As I said earlier, "...traditional..." politicking have gotten U.S.ofA. It is time to return the core of the American Dollar back to the Citizens and abolish the Federal lncome Tax as we know it today and replace it with a Federal Sells Tax of $0.01-$0.02 cents per item sold off and online; PeRiOd. This will allow Americans to keep more of their hard earned income. Some people in Washington, D.C. call this portion of my plan radical! Yet there are several European Union countries that did not have Federal Income Taxes and did quite well prior to the economic meltdown. Those E.U. countries likely fared well more than we did here at Home. 

MY FELLOW AMERICANS you do the math: Imagine how many individual items are sold everyday in one month? Then simply remove two digit values and you have your grand total of revenue! Let's say in one month 10-quadrillion individual items are sold every month that is 10-trillion dollars of revenue in one month! I'm confident that there is more 10-quadrillion individual items sold every month in the U.S.ofA.!
Another avenue too provide relief too My Fellow Americans is too end "Big Oil" subsidies but also reduce the Corporate Income Tax to about 25%; and proportionately reduce small business taxes also. In addition, finally end Oil Subsidies and use $15-20B of the $53Billion dollars to subsidize renewable energy for residential dwellings only. These economic initiatives will prove to be more than a shot in the arm for America's economy. The reduced corporate taxes should enable business to hire; and renewable energy in homes will reduce and or end utility bills all together for homeowners.These reduced utility bills will enable buying or savings power for families and individuals.
Another Shot-N-The-Arm for America's economy is to provide a new "Ratio Tax Break"  for companies that offer Dividends. This tax break will accompany the already lowered Corp Tax/25% providing additional tax relief adjacent to the amount of Dividends a business offer. However, It Is Necessary That Vehemently Strict Guidelines And Massive Penalties Are Necessary To Attempt Too Thwart Cooking Corporate Financial Reports.
Speaking of Taxes: Every elected Republican and TeaParty candidate and-or elected official, from mayors to Presidents, instinctfully provide customary "Entitlement Tax Cuts" to the wealthiest Americans. These tax cuts are expected by their constitutients as if they are entitled to them. For decades 98% of GOP's squawks about so called entitlements that affects 2% of Americans. Lets put an end to the GOP "Entitlement Tax Cuts", a tradition the wealthiest Americans expect and provide a "Cost Of Living Minimum Wage Adjustment Act"?
Some Say My Economic Plan Is Radical?: Huh! Some people call this approach to fixing America's Economy, "Radical". Critics of President Franklin D. Roosevelt called many of his programs radical; but FDR recognized he faced a unique economic mayhem, laced with a unique world at war. He stepped outside of the routine/traditional politicking with innovative programs and taxes. Without his coherent foresight, The United States of America would have struggled out of the Depression and may not have delivered the decisive blows that end WWll. Furthermore, taxes is what lead to the Declaration of Independence and that same taxing system is current today by removing a percentage directly from one's income. This system is failing and out of date, and again I say abolish the Federal Income Tax and replace it with a "Federal Sells Tax Act" of $0.01-.02 cents per items sold. This is a solid proposition and will affect those cheating on their Federal Taxes.

Herman Cain's "9-9-9 Tax Plan": Was had no chance for passing had he won election & here's why: This tax plan is irresponsible and like most everything that comes out of the GOP & Tea Party sounds like its from the Jurassic period. Nine percent personal income tax, nine percent business tax, nine percent Federal sells tax. Under Mr. Cain's plan the majority of my fellow Americans who do not own a business will cough up 25-29 or 30% on the dollar. This is unacceptable! The nine percent corporate tax is out of touch with at least the European Union's average corporate rate of 23.2% reported by BusinessWeek in 2010. Currently America's corporate tax rate sits at 35% and Mr. Cain's idea is nearly 3/4 less than the current corporate rate. The giving just keeps on giving to Wall Street while Main Street who makes Wall Street thrive continues to be squeezed for every quarter dollar.
SOCIAL SECURITY:  As I stated yesterday/02-14-2012 in Twitter that I was against the notion for privatizing Social Security, but now I may have a change of heart to partially privatize Social Security. Here is what I'll do: There should be a minimum deduction from employers and employees with the liberty to pay more into One's own Social Security Account. However, and because many Americans are not wealthy nor financially secure, and as we grow older and may no longer be able for traditional work; a Subsidy and or some sort of Stipend should be available for those Americans that may need Quality of Life Assistance. These funds that go into employees accounts can not be touched until they retire, and for some reason, should anyone pass away, those funds will go directly to the beneficiaries listed and w/out taxation! Inclusively, the employers paying Social Security also must continue to account for their employees regardless the length of employment & at the same rate of calculation as today.
INFRASTRUCTURE: "Our infrastructure is, reportedly, in dire need of rebuilding and-or repair. This task will be grander than what President Eisenhower undertook in the 1950's. In addition to bridges, roads and railways, etc. to be built and-or repaired, have the Fed. Gov. and private sectors design massive waste water treatment plants to be built in every County in the Union. Water all over the World is atrocious for consumption and something has to be done, now, in U.S.ofA. rather than wait until when debating the unfathomable-cost. These waste water treatment plants will receive any and all waste waters from roads and some structures ought to be directed to these massive waste water treatment facilities;and then release the purified water into our rivers/streams/lakes. Also, if more than one of these mega facilities is necessary in heavily populated Counties, then more than one will be built.
Most  assuredly, any and all contractors and businesses attempting to defraud, steal, cheat and beat the Federal Government will not receive any mercy in Federal Courts." Also, all Congress talk about is drilling for oil. We need to begin searching for more water, and especially in the areas where droughts are forecast to continue & historically have occurred.
Also, a substitute is needed to replace chlorine as the main ingredient used to purify our drinking water. And when it comes to neutralizing snow and ice from public roads, I encourage the use of biodegradable ice/snow neutralizers by 2013/2014-Winter. This will help protect Our waters which has been reported to contain elevated levels of sodium in Our rivers &  tributaries.
Talk about job creation...
DEFENSE: "Our Defense in the 21st Century should be as flexible as is a contortionist, yet as POWERFUL, swift and mighty as is the Nation's symbol, the Bald Eagle. Whatever technologies that are in development today and in the future and regardless of the cost, if proven, these weapon systems should be purchased to eliminate our enemies as well as protect as many of our men and women that are in harms way."
Defense Secretary Gates did a marvelous job not only at protecting the U.S.ofA., but also reducing the DOJ's waste. However, I think there is room to improve and I will instruct the IRS to audit any and all DOD departments to locate and account for my fellow American's hard earned cash.
Also, Russia and China are expanding their military machines and Russia is slatted to have a 70% increase of advanced military equipment by 2017 or much sooner: at least 1,500+ combat aircraft; 200+ air defense systems; at least 50-60+ modern naval ships, as reported in an online press release.I do not doubt Russia uses technology stolen from the U.S.ofA.
China rolled out it's stealth fighter earlier last year, and they still remain the No.1 espionage threat to America's secrets than any other adversary; that's right adversary. Inclusively, China is heavily involved in Costa Rica and likely seeks to spread it's influence throughout the region attempting to undermined the United States of America and are building huge military bases, but for what purpose.
I perceive China, Iran, Venezuela & Russia seek to destablize the region and thats exactly what that huge military base will do. Costa Rica's neighbors are growing more concerned.
I think it's a great idea too expend Our Homeland/United States of America's sea and air borders, specifically, 200 miles against any and all Chinese planes and vessels. China does not play according to international laws refusing to recognizing the designated 12 miles of coast line/air space as international rights. No longer will China illegally remove metric tons of fish from waters just inside of America's 12 miles coastal waters. If one American ship or airplane, military or not, drifts one foot within their self imposed 200 mile sea and air border they will not hesitate to attack and attempt to destroy or confiscate that ship or airplane. Two Hundred miles is totally nutts and an paranoid! 
In addition to over fishing near or within America's terroritorial waters, China uses unmarked ships & air planes to conduct espionage.
EDUCATION: The cost to educate is becoming rediculous and I don't have the answer as to why, but a study should be conducted to find the source and a solution derived from this source should be applied so that the next great inventor, innovator, scholar, etc. will not fall thru the cracks. However, I am fed up with education being the first area scrutinized and designated for cuts in all governments(city, county, state and federal) when talk of cuts surfaces. It makes no since to complain about America's workforce lacking the necessary skill sets to successfully compete when local & federal government devastates education funding.
ENERGY: The deregulation of the Electric and Natural Gas markets that began in 2002 and later fulfilled by 2005. The Bush 2005 energy bill hasn't done what it was supposed to do, and that is reduce consumer cost. Now in 2011 and 2012 we may have to revisit that Bill in order to bring relief to the consumers. The blame game continues to be on the emerging markets like China, India and Russia etc. 
America can no longer make excuses for a lame energy industry that consistently milks my fellow American's year after year after year with higher fees. That's why it is vital and beneficial to the energy industry that congress abolish "Big Oil" subsidies and devote much of the $53-Billion dollars to renewable energy subsidies for residential dwellings only.



Cap And Trade: Should end and here's why: Energy companies have complained for decades that environmental restrictions are too costly, yet they continue to raise fees and rake in huge profits. I guarantee that the cost to heat & cool dwellings will go ballistic, and especially with the instability in the Middle East. 
Most businesses view environmentally friendly implementations as a loss of revenue as opposed to a business investment. Many power plants are operating/generating fossil fuel energy/output via renewable energy output and saving huge amount of money doing so.
Ending C&T will cause all companies to make much needed investment and contribution to the environment. They have the funds because they keep raising fees, but also because the price of oil & gas will continue to go up while the cost for everything will follow suit. It is best that energy producing companies step up renovations well ahead of 2025 mandate because the cost for materials will likely increase as emerging markets continues to expand in this sluggish world economy.
Enemies like Iran plans to expedite converting all of their vehicles to run on natural gas, but all congress talks about is drilling in Anwar and off shore. Our own enemies, not only recognizes, but eagerly implements almost immediate energy conservation and alternative energy protocols.

If America is the most technologically advanced Country in the World, why haven't there been and currently is not a working system to implement alternative energy sources at an affordable cost? Why?
It is pathetic and politically irresponsible for the Republican Party to cast an illusion upon their constituents and America that drilling will immediately ease American's dependence on foreign oil and reduce prices.
Inclusively, it is necessary remove whatever obstacles there maybe to allow America's own oil companies to pump and put in production America's own crude.
GUN CONTROL:"Law abiding Citizens have the right to bare arms. Also, more stringent checks and balances ought to be developed at every venue where guns are sold and-or traded. Enforcing the laws already on the books is necessary.
FOREIGN POLICY: "We can not and will not attempt to police the entire world. Known threats to Democracy such as Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Bolivia, Syria, Al Qaeda, China, Russia, etc. will be treated as clear and present dangers to citizens and the National Security of the United States of America."
During Clinton's years in Office I literally believed that the Russian Federation and the United States of America were actual friends. Now, if someone were to ask me if I think we are friends today; I'd say that's, "Bear Skat."
Nope, Not One enemy of the United States can again label America Imperialist because the United States of America had nothing to do with the Tunisian nor the Egyptian or Syrian uprising nor that which is sweeping through the Middle East. The voices of many Islamic and Muslim people throughout the Middle East have not been heard and now they are not afraid to speak-out for rights and freedoms. The only Imperialists that I recognize today are the growing Islamic & Muslim extremists! 

The Continent of America must remain as free as is the definition of America. We must help build the economies and infrastructures of our less fortunate/disadvantaged allies on this Continent of America as we tackle our own infrastructure issues. America needs to encourage our friends in Central & South America to be more responsible with the dispersing their budgets to combat poverty with education, creating jobs and providing entrepreneurial (small business) opportunities. In addition, when America's Continental American friends needs assistance to eventually add and expand internet to remote areas, Congress should provide assistance to U.S.ofA. companies should they win contracts. Thus, more jobs are created here at Home.
Inclusively, "Enough Is Enough" with bully-tyrants that starve and committ mass murder upon their citizens. These people & their followers should be removed from power! HUH! The majority of hunger around the world is caused by rulers/leaders/terrorist organizations starving citizens and many of these tyrants claim to be lead by their god. I want no part of that kind of god and niether should the United States of America! 
War In Iraq Has Ended: I am saddened for the men and women who gave their all and for their families in grief. These brave men and women daily put themselves on the line for America's freedoms and security and all America expresses profound gratitude for the service and commitment of Our Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and the clandestine services. I get emotional just thinking about the sacrifices these men and women give for all Americans especially an ordinary/average-Joe guy like myself. I Thank Any And All Families For Your Loved One's Courage And Bravery To Protect An Average Joe Like Me And All Our Homeland. My Prayers Go Out To You In Your Times Of Grief And Sadness. 
("The following was my 2008 stance on the 2002 "War In Iraq" and other hot spots at that time, and I firmly stand by these words today: "Initially, I was for the "War In Iraq" because I've always had Iran in the back of my mind. But within the first week of the start of the War In Iraq, and as I watched the evening news, it was reported that American Troops were releasing Iraqi soldiers and not holding them captive and POW's. I immediately got dressed and went to the library and emailed the White House, Pentagon, Department of State, CIA, FBI and anyone else that I thought would listen and urged and begged them not to do this; but rather all enemy combatants should be held as POW's and fed Meals Ready to Eat that is kosher with their diets. I begged them to use Iraq's military bases as POW camps, after securing these facilities of any hidden/secret tunnels, doors, etc. Had the Administration done this, there would not have been as intense an insurgency as is what the world has seen and what has killed so many of our men and women. However, there would have been an insurgency, but not as intense as what our men and women soldiers faced and faces.
Today, being in Iraq is necessary especially with Iran's and Syria's new threats against Isreal, Europe, and America and the rest of our allies. And to broaden this picture, the first week of September/2008, Iran's President Ahmadinejad told OPEC that $100.00 per barrel of oil will be sufficient and they all agreed. I said, "they all agreed".
The intensity of the Iraqi insurgency and the length of the War In Iraq all can not and should not be put on President Bush. President Bush was far to trusting in those whom he had placed in Office and trusted and relied on their reports. The main mistake was allowing his appointees too much power without adequate checks and balances to put his pals/Civilians in check rather than listen to his Generals/Boots On The Ground.
The situation in the Republic of Georgia was calculataed by the Russian Federation months and perhaps a year or two in advance. If the reports were true that President Bush was confronted by Prime Minister Putin at the Beijing Olympics that, "the war has started", then the Bush Administration knew of the possibility that an occurrrence between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Georgia could happen, but did nothing or not enough to prevent it from happening.
Lets see if Russia keeps their word this time and withdraw all of their troops by October 8, 2008. Also, if a dialog is to be opened with a Country that is in question with the United States of America, let it be Cuba. America has to do more in third world communities especially or friends and allies on the Continent of America to make sure that this Continent stays Free.")
I want to commend Mr. President Obama for eliminating Osama bin Laden and continuing to fullfill his duty to protect Our Homeland by maintaining pressure on Al Qaeda and other extremists. As we move forward, reports continue to surface that causes grave concern about the Pakistani government or elements within the government had knowledge about OBL's hideout. A common citizen as myself is not  privy to whatever and however Pakistan aids America in the war against Terrorism, but I don't think its enough that warrants the steady flow of US Dollars; period!
Afghanistan: There is no possible way that America can allow the Taliban to regain power. It's almost 2 year into a robust training  program for Afghan police and army. However, if something isn't done to curb the corruption in Karzai's government, Afghanistan may collapse and the doors will be wide open for the Taliban to return.
It is sad that former Congressman Charlie Wilson's efforts to establish a presence in Afghanistan to curb Islamic extremism post the Soviet pullout were ignored; thus spawning the Taliban and Al Qaeda. I doubt the September 11, 2001 attack on Our Homeland would have occured had America maintained a presence in Afghanistan following the Soviet withdrawl.
Furthermore, it puzzles me and pisses me off that heroin has regained a footing around the world and only after the Taliban was removed from power and Al Qaeda had vanished from Afghanistan has the resurgence of heroin swept the world, especially here in U.S.ofA. How can this be? It has to be controlled by the corrupt avenues in the Karzai government!
Mexico: Our friends are a stones throw from Our Homeland and deserve a greater effort to curb guns speeding across the border and onto their streets killing masses. I tweeted a few months what i'd encourage President Calderon to implement, ASAP.
In Twitter the week  of (May 8-14, 2011) I came across an article that said xray machines in use in southern Mexico are identifying tractor trailers with people packed like sardines. It is estimated that the smuggling business is at least 3 Billion Dollars a year at $3,000.00-$70,000.00 per person. I can imagine that drug cartels are the main benefactors of such a business. There must be thousands of undetected illegal aliens rolling into America everyday via these tractor trailers packed like human sardines. I wouldn't be surprised if 50% of the folks smuggled into the U.S.ofA. are mules, couriers, dealers, etc. for Mexican drug cartels. 
HOMELAND SECURITY: "I am for the border fence across portions or the entire southern border of our Homeland. This will help combat illegal aliens as well as drug and human smuggling and weapons trafficking."
"Also, it was reported a year or so ago (2007) that there is a shortage of bomb sniffing dogs. I'd like to call them K9 Ordinance/Contraband Detectors or K9OCD's. Therefore, I perceive that at least 300 K9OCD's per State will be a start at making America safer. I will encorage law enforcements across the Country to get dogs and puppies of all sizes and breeds or mixed breeds from animal shelters in their communities and across the Country and train them as K9OCD's".
Lets hope, by now, there has been a significant increase in K9 Ordinance & Contraband Dectors in every State.
IMMIGRATION: "Immigration falls under Homeland Security and with all of the experience boasted by the other Presidential Candidates; America still does not have a refined Immigration Bill.  With all of their experience on Capitol Hill, look how long it took Congress to pass the FISA Bill."
"I am against Amnesty for illegal aliens as well as the term and act of Anchor Babies. However, here is what I encourage Congress to do. Immediately offer applications for Work Visa's and citizenship. However, the applicants must wait out the application process in their respected Homelands. In addition to this application process, and because they already are here illegally, photographs and finger prints must be taken. This window of opportunity should be held open for a time to be determined later; and those illegal aliens that do not come forward and for whatever reason does not have a Green Card nor Work Visa will be held for a "48 Hour Grace Period" to produce proper identification. If no documents can be presented, these illegals will be transported to "Regional Deportation Centers" that will be built on military bases and-or facilities that has been closed by the BRAC Committee. These individuals will be taken by plane, bus, etc. to their respected Homelands. But also, Our neighbors in Mexico, should know that the new Immigration Reform Act is not directed at them because there are illegal aliens from China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Canada, Russia, Venezuela, Japan, European Union, etc., you name it, there people are here in the United States of America illegally from all parts of the world and they gotta go."

"Also, I find it an urgent issue to ban any and all foreign animals and mammals and plants that are not native to the United States of America. There are far to many reports of Pythons, Anaconda's, etc. and big cats, and fish let loose and-or seen in public which causes public alarm. In addition, the  reproducing and threatening the balance in the ecosystem. However, the lone acception are Zoo's and educational research."
HEALTHCARE: There is a Healthcare Law in affect and I must admit that I don't know much about it accept that a bipartisan Congressional committee confirmed that as people like to call it "ObamaCare" actually reduces the deficit by trillions of dollars.
TRANSPORTATION"As I previously stated, America's Infrastructure will be one of the 5 areas to only spend during my first term. Now, throughout Europe there are magnetic high-speed trains, but whenever we in America talk about building high speed railways of any kind, cost always seems to be the obstacle.
To help fund this massive infrastructure reconstruction, go ahead and raise the Federal Gas Tax to around .60-.70 cents per gallon. This gas tax will be for the duration of the "Infrastructure Reconstruction Act". Members in Congress are already considering this so go ahead and do it already?
WAR AND PEACE: "The United States of America will always defend It's Sovereignty and Citizens by any means necessary! And when war rages, our men and women ought to have the best protection as equally as the enemies will be severely dealt with. And at the first shot our men and women better have the best arsenal and protection and certainly not 365 days later. Though, war should always be the last option. However...
I am Robert Eugene Wilson and I meet any and all lawful and civil criteria to run for, but also to be the President of The United States of America. And if you agree or disagree I'd still like to her from you.

Thank You,
Robert E. Wilson
848 Riverview Terrace Apt.409
Dayton, Ohio 45402

BuckeyeBob For President 2012